Sliding Door Track Replacement

Whenever sliding glass doors become hard to pull, bump, or jump then it’s time get it fixed. The type of repair depends on exact nature of problem, which is often the track. Over time debris and dirt can accumulate and parts can wear or become damaged. Over time, door tracks are rotted by lime in the concrete underneath, and it’s common for the wheels or tracks to malfunction
When your patio door track is broken or difficult to open, give us a call. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars buying new doors. Acme Sliding Door Repair offers top notch door track repairs that are performed right the first time. We’re known throughout the Palm Desert area for our quality work at very affordable prices, especially with our senior discount.

Sliding Glass Door Repair

If you’re having a problem with your patio door, the first thing to do is clean the track, keeping an eye out for obstructions and damage. You should also check that there’s a level and uniform 1/8 to 1/4 inch clearance between the bottom of the door and the framing. Adjusting this to be just right is sometimes a little tricky, so if at first you don’t succeed, you may want to bring in a pro like Acme for your sliding patio door repair
If closing or opening the door is a rough or bumpy operation, the problem may be the rollers. Repairing or replacing them often involves completely removing the door, both the moving and stationary sections, so most people don’t tackle this themselves. Our technicians inspect the rollers before taking any major steps.
If there’s damage to the track, it doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced. Our technicians will first clean the track with a wire brush and then determine the exact problem. Minor damage can often be taken care of with a little skilled metal work. In other cases we can install a thin “track cap” over the existing track to smooth things out.
We do not, and urge you not to try, bending or reshaping an aluminum track. This material becomes brittle with just a few bends, and will either break while you’re working on it or not too long afterward

Replacing Sliding Glass Door Tracks

If the track is too badly worn, chipped, corroded, bent, or otherwise damaged it will need to be replaced. This is no small operation, but can restore the door’s operation to like-new condition. In fact, whenever it’s possible to replace an aluminum track with a more durable stainless steel one you’ll be better off than when the door was new.
Removing the old track is a major task. We use special tools such as a “rivet buster chisel” and “die grinder” and more than a little elbow grease to free the track from the underlying concrete. Next we skillfully re-shape and smooth the surface and then install the replacement track.
While the door is off we also replace the rollers to save you time, hassle, and expense in the long run. This also lets us make sure that the rollers and track are properly matched for smooth operation and long life. After we’ve re-installed the doors and made our adjustments your door should glide just like it did when it was brand new.