Sliding Patio Door Screen Replacement Coachella Valley

You’d think replacing screen for sliding patio screen door would be easy, and sometimes it is. But often it’s tough finding the right fit. And you may be looking for a special upgrade.
Whether you need to replace a broken screen door or want to know what options are available, Acme Sliding Door Repair can help. Besides regular sliding screens, we offer swinging screens, and special Phantom Screens as well as retractable and standard window screens.
We’ve worked with numerous homeowners, contractors, and architects in the Palm Desert area and care about each and every one of our customers. We deliver top-quality work and customer service at the lowest prices around, and even offer a discount to seniors.
All our screen replacement services are performed in an efficient, professional, clean, and timely manner by a knowledgeable and experienced technician. We make sure that our customers get personalized attention and offer a full mobile service, same day installations, and free in home estimates!



Screen Replacement Options

There’s actually quite a few options to consider when it comes to patio screen door replacement. We’re ready to walk you through your choices.

Standard versus Custom Screen Replacement

Although there are standard sizes, varying thicknesses and mounting details often means it’s necessary to re-size or otherwise alter a new screen before it’s installation. Low-cost “universal fit” sliding patio screen doors from home improvement stores are rarely a perfect fit, which makes them slide poorly and be easily bent. That’s not what you want.
It’s best to go with a major brand-name manufacture, ideally the same one that made the screen you have now. But that can be difficult to track down. Any information or labeling you have might refer to the door’s glass manufacturer, and not the sliding door itself. Plus the manufacturer may no longer be producing that particular model.
So you may need to have a custom replacement screen made in order to get the exact fit, look, and features you want. But that’s usually not a big expense. In fact, in many situations we can quickly make a custom sliding patio screen door right at your house.

Types of Screen Door Frame Replacements

Unless cost is all-important, you don’t want a flimsy aluminum roll-formed screen door. They’re popular only to housing developers, and that’s probably the type of door you now need to replace. They tend to bend or even break the first time someone walks into them.
Steel roll-formed framing is more sturdy, but is heavy and can corrode. If this type of screen uses plastic rollers they will quickly wear out.
The best solution is almost always an extruded aluminum sliding screen door. They’re strong and rugged, yet light weight and won’t corrode. They come with better rollers than aluminum roll-formed patio screen doors and provide better attachment for latches and locks.

Other Options

Besides construction and color, there are a few other things to consider. These include the style of latch and whether or not you want security locks.
There are two popular types of screening mesh to choose from. Fiberglass is most popular and is the least expensive. It’s flexible and doesn’t dent. On the downside it’s more prone to stretching, sagging, and tearing. Aluminum screening is stronger and more durable, lasting longer. Both are available in specialty types such as solar-shading and privacy meshes.