Sliding Door Roller Replacement

All sliding doors should be easy to open and close, with no jerking, jumping, or sticking. Patio doors are exposed to the outdoors, so that beyond normal wear dirt and debris can be a problem – both directly and by increasing wear. If problems remain after cleaning, it’s time for a sliding patio door repair. The most common solution is to replace the rollers. This is especially true for older doors, where the sliding door rollers may have rusted. Newer doors use stainless steel parts that are more resistant to rusting.

Do-It-Yourself Roller Replacement

You can find numerous DIY articles and videos on the web, but this repair shouldn’t be taken lightly; it involves more than just removing a cover and replacing a part. Each manufacturer’s designs are a bit different, with various types of access, locations, and types of parts. You’ll also face the time-consuming issue of finding the right replacement rollers. In most cases it will be necessary to completely remove the door, including the fixed portion, making this a 2-person job. Plus you’ll need to be careful to avoid damaging the track or breaking the glass.

Professional Roller Replacement

Acme Sliding Door Repair has the experience to do the job right, with minimum disruption of your home life. With our years of experience we know exactly what to do and how to do it, no matter who made your door or what sort of design it uses. And our inventory includes just about any part you’ll ever need. We’ll save you time and worry at a very affordable cost.

Here’s a brief summary of our process.

First, we’ll assess the nature of the problem and how to access the rollers and/or other parts that need replacing. Removing the sliding portion of the door from the inside is usually blocked by a lip along the bottom of the door. If the stationary portion of the door blocks access from the outside, both it and the sliding portion of the door must be removed. So typically we:

  1. remove the screen door,
  2. remove a metal plate, screws, and/or clips holding the stationary door,
  3. remove the stationary door,
  4. remove the sliding door,
  5. access and replace the rollers, applying lubrication as needed,
  6. reinstall everything, and
  7. adjust the rollers.

We replace both rollers at the same time. Otherwise the new roller will be taking on much of the load of the older one and wear out faster. Then, whether the newer or older one wears out first, you’ll be facing the above steps all over again.
Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors
For older aluminum doors the frame is in several pieces. On some it’s necessary to remove the bottom rail of the frame. On others the two stiles on each side must be removed. This often requires a few whacks with a hammer, being careful not to break the class. As needed we’ll use a suction cup to take weight off of the rail. It can also be tricky on reassembly, as sometimes the same screws that hold the frame together also hold the sliding glass door rollers in place.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl door frames are a single “welded” piece, so replacing parts is simpler with screws accessible from the outside holding the rollers in place. Our skilled technicians are familiar with all the designs, as well as working with the often very small access areas.

Acme Superior Sliding Door Repair

We’re proud to provide repair and replacement services in the Palm Desert area. You’ll appreciate our quality work and low prices.